Meshtalk : The technology to communicate without network is introduced by Oppo

MeshTalk- the latest technology by Oppo will allow people to talk and text without any cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity and even Bluetooth.

They unveiled  it at the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Shanghai. MeshTalk will be exclusive to Oppo smartphones. Oppo demonstrated this technology at MWC showing how MeshTalk works.


Two Oppo smartphones are placed next to each other with no cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. Mesh Talk app is then opened and a text message is sent from one device to the other.

These two phones were placed in close proximity with each other. Oppo says that MeshTalk can function within 3km in an open field and in “complex urban environments” as well.

“A custom low power chipset enables a LAN network and relay communication system between multiple OPPO devices when they are within range,” Oppo tweeted explaining how Mesh Talk works.

Oppo also assured privacy saying that it doesn’t require basestations or other servers for communication. More details on its availability of MeshTalk haven’t been announced as yet. It’s understandable that this technology would be available on future Oppo phones since it requires a dedicated chipset.

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