Google to bring in new interface in Android Auto

Google is working on Android Auto to be more interactive. Android Auto will be updated with a new interface and some added features will help simplify operations for users.


This new interface will get a dark theme which will be coupled with coloured accents and the fonts will be easier to read.

It will also adjust automatically to the size of the display to show more information on the screen like next-turn indicators, playback controls and ongoing calls.

The new notification centre will cover a wider space to show calls, texts and alerts. Android is adding a new navigation bar. The navigation bar will show turn-by-turn directions and it will enable to use rest of the screen for other apps.

Android Auto will suggest locations on the screen based on the trips along with the provision of resuming song playlist as soon as you start the car. It will have another feature to navigate to a new place using the “Hey Google” voice command.

Google says that the new dark theme has been made standard to go with the interior of new-age cars. Bigger fonts and lesser taps also allow drivers to focus on the road.

The new interface will give a fast and speedy and easy experience. Majority of the applications will be working simultaneously on the screen of the car along with navigation.

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