Keep snacking on peanuts a habit : It will give amazing benefits to your skin and heart

Peanuts are rich in proteins, fat soluble vitamins and essential fats that together can provide you with multiple health benefits.

Consuming peanuts can be good for your heart and skin health. Having peanut butter as a morning snack or pre or post workout snack will not result in weight gain. People have been fooled to believe that processed and packaged version of any food is healthier and non-fattening than their naturally grown versions. “It’s time now that as aware consumers, we crack this strategy, and eat the nut,” Says Rujuta, a famous nutritionist.

It is important that the rich people (those who have access to food, electricity, clothing, housing, etc) of poor countries should learn to take pride in locally grown native food. This will help in widening access of food and nutrition to the future generations.

A surprising benefit of peanuts is that they can help in boosting confidence. It can also reduce incidence of bloating. This is because groundnuts are rich in Vitamin B6 – which is also a mood enhancer and mood regulator. When you are feeling low or dealing with a heat break, munching on ground nuts can actually help you feel better.

A handful of groundnuts can be beneficial for your heart. Resveratrol – a polyphenol compound with antioxidant properties – is present in abundance in peanuts. Benefits of this compound include regulating blood pressure, cholesterol, protecting brain cells from damage, reducing diabetes complications and easing joint pain.

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