Proper workout must be done with certain steps : Have a look

People who workout regularly, dedicating time is important for muscle recovery and building strength. Multiple parts of your body are affected when you exercise.

Over exercising or not giving your body the time to recover can make your feel fatigued and also increases risk of injury.

It should begin with stretching. Stretching is one of the most effective ways for muscle recovery. Not only does it help in reducing muscle soreness, it also improves your range of motion.

Exercising often causes knots in fascia. Foam rolling can help in reducing knots in fascia, which is also a result of sore muscles and joints.

The importance of a healthy diet is the core of every routine. Eating magnesium rich foods like spinach, kale, almonds, sunflower seeds, fish and banana, after a workout can help in preventing muscle soreness and cramps. Another effective way to get some magnesium is by adding epsom salts to your bathing water. Your body will absorb magnesium through your skin.

Munching on healthy snacks after you get back from your workout can help in restoring energy and help build a muscle back up as well. Protein rich snacks can provide your body with amino acids. Amino acids are needed by your to repair muscle fibres that are usually damages while exercising. Here are some excellent post-workout snacks for you.

In case you are injured or severely sore, you need to give a break to exercising and give your body the time to heal. This will prevent your body from being further injured. Do not push yourself too hard, too fast. A slow progress is one which will help you lose weight and become stronger.

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