Pure vegetarian drinking water: Wonder is there anything specific? Read on

The water you are drinking is apparently non-vegetarian-claimed a water purifier company in their advertisement.

The company further ensured that their water purifier provides “pure vegetarian” water.

A Twitter user shared an image of the advertisement, which appeared in a newspaper, on June 20. According to the ad, boiling the water or using other company’s purifier can kill the germs.

Here it is

Nevertheless the dead bodies of those micro-organisms still remain in the water. Using that logic the company deduced that despite being safe, the water becomes “effectively non-vegetarian.”

It also claims that their purifier “REMOVES all virus, bacteria and Cysts, leaving only pure vegetarian drinking water with NO germs, dead or alive in it.”

The commercial attracted many disappointed and funny comments from twitter. There were several people who commented that the next version of the ad will claim to provide “Jain water.” A few asked if they can get some “vegetarian air” along with the water.

Taking a hilarious dig at the ad, a Twitter user even suggested the way of becoming a real vegetarian. “Living in an isolated plastic bubble with filtrated air, floating in anti septic so I can finally be a real vegetarian,” he tweeted.

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