Domestic Violence: Partner stopped taking bath during COVID-19 lockdown and forces to have sex

During the lockdown, several cases of domestic violence have come forth along with instances affecting the mental health of people. Women, who have been stuck at home with their abusive spouses have turned to the police for help during this time of distress. A similar case came to light from Bengaluru on Sunday where a woman claimed that she was being subjected to mental abuse by her husband.

The woman contacted Parihar, the women’s helpline operated by the Bengaluru Police and claimed that her husband has stopped taking a bath and has been forcing her to have sex with him.

The woman said that her husband works as a grocer. However, he refused to open his shop claiming that he did not have funds. After the lockdown was announced (from March 24), the man stopped bathing.

The 31-year-old woman said that she had constantly been trying to explain the importance of hygiene and sanitation to her husband but the latter did not pay any heed to her. The woman claimed that when she refused to have sex with her husband, he assaulted her.

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