Hackers release new ‘tool’ to unlock any iPhone

well-known team of hackers has reportedly released a new “jailbreak tool”that claims to unlock any iPhone running iOS 11 and above. Even if your iPhone runs the latest iOS 13.5, this team claims that their tool can do the trick. As per a report by TechCrunch, the details of this “jailbreak tool” is not yet published publicly by the team of hackers who goes by the name “unc0ver”. However, the reports claim that this secret to unlock any iPhone cannot be “expected to last forever” and this will become public.

To create a jailbreak tool, hackers look for security vulnerabilities in older iOS versions that were undisclosed by Apple. These vulnerabilities allow access to the core software of iOS. To keep it safeguarded, Apple doesn’t disclose such vulnerabilities even after some of them get fixed. The job of hackers is to find such undisclosed vulnerabilities that are not yet fixed. Surprisingly, the hackers have found one already in iOS 13.5, that has been just released.

There are several groups of hackers who keep working round the clock on finding such jailbreak tools. But once a jailbreak tool is used to unlock any iPhone, experts suggest that new vulnerabilities get discovered quickly and such devices are easily prone to data thefts.

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