These are the death signs according to Shiv Puran 

Shivpuran has given some clues regarding death, with the help of which it can be found out how much time is left with which person. These signs start coming a few days before the arrival of death, which we are going to tell you today.

* According to Shiv Puran, if a person does not know the directions even after seeing the sun and the moon, then that person should understand that he can die in 6 months.

* It is written in Shivpuran that on seeing the rainbow at night time, it should be understood that there is no more life left and death is going to happen in 6 months.

* According to Shivpuran, people who suddenly see the moon and the sun are black and the entire directions are seen rotating, the life of those people ends within just 6 months.

* If Shivpuran is considered, it is not auspicious to see a black or red circle around the moon and the sun and people who are seen in these colours can die within 15 days.

* According to Shivpuran, not showing the moon and stars properly means that a person is going to die in a month.

* If you consider Shiv Puran, the person who does not see Dhruva Tara or Saptarshi Tara dies in 6 months.

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