Reasons why Banana leaves are used for worship

You must have often noticed that banana leaves are used in every puja. All of you have wondered why banana leaves are used in worship and reasons are stated below;

According to one belief, it is worshipped on observing the fast of Lord Brahma. It is believed that God resides in this and with this, keeping the fast of seven Thursdays fulfils all wishes. According to the Puranas, Lord Vishnu himself lives in a banana tree and due to this, it is worshipped on Thursday. Doing this brings happiness, peace, wealth and wealth in the house and this tree is considered a symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity.

Banana green leaves texture background. banana leaf in tropical ...

According to religious scriptures, worshipping banana tree eliminates Guru Dosh. You get auspicious results in your house. It is said that it should be kept in mind that it should be planted outside the house but never put it inside the house. Otherwise, this planet will become an obstacle in the upliftment of the lord and hence plant it in the courtyard and do pooja daily.


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