Easy Chana masala chaat recipe

Chana chaat is an easy, tasty and tangy chaat snack made from white chickpeas (chana or chole), spice powders, onions, tomatoes and lemon. It can be easily made if you have canned chickpeas or leftover boiled chana.


1 cup chickpeas

1 onion

1 small tomato

1 green chilli

¼ tsp cumin seeds

½ tsp chilli powder

½ tsp fennel powder

4 sprigs coriander leaves

Juice of half lemon

Salt as required

1½ tbsp butter/ghee

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Boil the chickpeas with salt and turmeric powder, Heat butter/ghee in a pan and then add the chopped onion, next dd the cumin and green chillies as well In to it add fennel powder and chilli powder, mix well. Add the boiled chickpeas Mix well and cook for 3 more minutes Add salt as needed. Pour in the lemon juice just before turning off the flame.

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