Expecting a Second child? Things to remember

Having a second child can be challenging. It’s not that easy to deal with two children at the same time. It’s not a cake walk, for sure. Just imagine for an instance that you were given exclusive attention for quite some time and then suddenly comes another person who becomes the talk of the town. How would you feel? That’s exactly what happens with the first-born children. They start feeling avoided as soon as the second baby arrives. It’s a very delicate stage that needs to be dealt with extra care.

Be prepared mentally and physically

You already have a child who needs your time and attention. So one should be prepared to divide the time and attention, without making it tough for both, you and your child. Physically because your body has already through numerous changes after the first child so should be prepared mentally and physically to go through pregnancy and labour once again.

Financial Support

Period that we live in, having a decent lifestyle requires finances Will your earnings allow you to sustain the same or better lifestyle after the second child? Remember that the needs of your family only increase with time as the kids are growing up and your parents are ageing. Are you ready to tighten your fist and finances, if need be? Simultaneously, you also have to save for your children’s education and your own future as well.

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Prepare first child about the arrival of the second child

If your elder child is grown up enough to understand then you must gradually prepare her for the arrival of the second child. Make it an inclusive experience for her. Make sure you always answer her question, no matter how awkward or funny they are. Remember, it’s going to be a massive change for her too. Talk about how amazing it will be to have a sibling and the cool things both of them can do.

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