Make Wind Chimes at Home

The gentle tinkling of wind chimes makes a soothing sound, making them a popular pick for a peaceful environment at home. They are significantly connected with vaastu and feng shui. It is said that wind chimes attract positivity and smother bad luck and negativity.

The soft tinkling sound floats in your space and fills the atmosphere with harmony. It is believed to enhance your well-being and bring  prosperity. It is also of great significance to maximise your profit and gains. There are people who use wind chimes as a sound cure; to influence the path of energy and to remove obstacles that hinders one’s wellness.

Do you want to give your balcony a new look? here are the tips

Pencil And Ruler Wind Chime

Take multicoloured pencils and drill a small hole on either side to draw strings from it. Place your ruler horizontally and make small holes 1cm apart from each other. Take a string, pass it through the hole on the ruler and tie it. Insert the same string in the pencil hole and secure it. Repeat the same procedure with the leftover pencils. You can also make a hole on the opposite side of the ruler to insert a string, which will enable you to hang it.


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