Kuruvachan to take legal action against movies starring Prithviraj, Suresh Gopi

Two films of Prithviraj and Suresh Gopi based on the life of Edamattom native Kuruvinakunnnel Kuruvachan aka Jose Kuruvinakunnel will be in crisis.

Kurucachan,  a planter in Kottayam, said  that he will not allow anyone to make a movie about his life. Kuruvachan apparently said his stance when Prithviraj announced his movie ‘Kaduva’ based on Kurucachan’s life.

“Only Renji Panicker got the rights to make a movie on my life. I don’t know whether he is linked with the two projects. Some people visited me about plans to make a movie on my life. But none of them narrated the story to me. I will take legal action if anyone proceeds with a project based on my life said Kuruvachan

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Kuruvachan wishes that Renji Panicker should write the story and Suresh Gopi should play the role of Kuruvachan.

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