Zoomcar Inks With ETO Motors To Boost Shared Electric Mobility

Zoomcar ,subscription-based car rental company announced a partnership with Hyderabad based electric mobility solutions and services company ETO Motors in order to offer platform services for ETO’s shared three-wheeler business.

The partnership will see Zoomcar give ETO motors access to its proprietary stack building technology to build a customer base for electric vehicles. ETO will continue to own and function its shared three-wheeler business that is growing in the first-mile and last-mile segments.

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The partnership targets to capitalise on first and last-mile opportunities throughout the country by offering intra-city mobility solutions for commuters and goods and other cargo via electric vehicles.

Zoomcars and ETO Motors plan to introduce a number of smart electric vehicles in order to strengthen their clean mobility solution offering. The partnership will deploy electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, in order to facilitate movement of passengers and goods.



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