Natural ways to remove facial hair painlessly

Apart from threading eyebrows and waxing, one of the woes of not being able to go to a beauty salon is removing facial hair. But it is but it is not mandatory, just like plucking eyebrows. But, doing it can help make your foundation, concealer and blush glide easily on the skin, leaving a more clean finish. Plus, the face looks a bit brighter and fresher when facial hair is removed. If you’re thinking of removing facial hair at home and want some painless methods here are some amazing ways you can opt to try at home.

Flat razor

Flat razors are popular in the market. They help to remove the tiny hair from the face. But if you have acne, you can skip this step otherwise you might end up causing blisters on your face.

Removal cream

Be careful while choosing a removal cream people with super sensitive skin should test patch first on the back of your hand, on your elbows or on the skin just under your ear. Use the creams that have vitamin E and are more natural.

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Besan and honey

Take a mixture of began and honey with a pinch of turmeric and apply it on the face. When it is completely dry, rub the pack in circular motions. These will get rid of all the ingrown hair and also remove the surface hair to quite a huge extent.

Sugar wax

This is little bit painful but it is quite natural, take small portions of wax, not too hot, and apply on the skin. Once it is done, take a small trip of waxing tissue, can be the size of a finger and strip the wax away, going against the growth of the hair. This will be quite painless and also remove hair well.

Banana and oatmeal

Mix a ripe banana in 1 teaspoon of grounded oats. Apply it on the face, massage the mixture in anti circular motions, away from the growth of the hair. Apply it once a week, as it helps to slow the rate of growth of hair. However, after massaging use cold water to wash off.



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