Things to remember before buying a bathtub

If you want to change the looks of bathroom décor to another level, then there is no better idea than buying a bathtub .It will make your bathroom look luxurious and relaxing. All your stress of a hectic day will be released with a bath in the tub. So keep these things in mind while buying a bathtub.

  • Check the size of the bathtub. It should fit well within your bathroom. So, have a clear idea of its space.
  • Now tubs are available in different shapes. So, you don’t have to stick to that same old pattern. You can opt for an odd one. Try oval or round tubs as they look more modern.
  • Check the weight of your new bathtub to be sure that the floor can handle it without any new structural support.
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  • If your tub is surrounded by three walls, then you have fewer choices for the décor. And if there is only one wall, then it will be better for it. You can also opt for a freestanding bathtub.
  • Check the material of the tub as well before finalising any. Luxurious modern tubs are made of natural stone or concrete but they are quite heavy and expensive also. Acrylic or fibreglass tubs are more common and lighter in weight. Remember, the sturdier the material, the more easily it can resist damage.






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