Know your hair type as per ayurveda; treat hair fall and boosts growth

Very few or none of us can say what is our hair’s ‘ayurvedic type.’ Ayurveda is the science of ancient medicine that originated in India. It is traditional way of preventing and treating many health conditions like diabetes, heart problems, and even mental health issues.

Hair fall is a common problem during the monsoon season, and almost everyone wants their hair to grow out really quickly so they can style them, cut them, or experiment with them, knowing your ayurvedic hair type can really help.

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Ayurveda is based on three life forces – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  Depending on your dominant dosha, your Ayurvedic hair type is determined.

Various factors like hair texture, hair structure, hair colour, scalp, moisture, and even hair shape can help in determining the Ayurvedic hair type. An Ayurvedic doctor will be able to examine your hair and tell you the right hair type and treatment for it, the most common problems among the hair types are as follows –

Vata dosh – Dry and thin hair

Pitta dosh – Frizzy, unmanageable hair

Kapha dosh – Oily and coarse hair, greasy scalp.

It is not necessary that one has only one type of dominant dosha. There can be two doshas in the body, leading to mixed characteristics of the hair. Some people, rarely have all three doshas in equal proportions.

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