Is agriculture our ‘saviour’ ?

The last few months gave disasters to many who saw businesses as thier source of earning ,it come to an abrupt halt, their new initiatives getting shelved, their new launches getting the short shrift, their business ideas getting metamorphosed into new ones and on top of it all, customers’ preferences changing dramatically.

During the time of pandemic all of a sudden that agriculture, like a rising phoenix, is back into the public discourse. It is noteworthy that agriculture is the common factor to all crises – a dark horse that remains in the back yard of oblivion, until forced into the limelight in trying times.

Will agriculture revive Indian economy?

Policy makers, business and trade analysts or academicians started taking agriculture more seriously as the contributor to economic growth of the country, only when growth from other quarters dries up. When growth from the manufacturing sector plays truant, the services sector stumbles sympathetically and trade as an engine of global growth comes to a grinding halt. Then and only then, does agriculture start looking like a saviour.

The question centres around the primary role of agriculture: it is merely a means of livelihood and maintenance of rural India or could we turn it into a driving force for economic growth .

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