Get rid of these fungal infections this monsoon with these hygiene tips

Monsoon season brings along a host of illnesses and fungal infections. From nail infections and smelly feet to various skin-related issues, fungal infections are something that need to be treated right away.

If you too have been facing such issues, here are some helpful tips for you.

Athlete’s foot

Infection which begins between the toes, athlete’s foot commonly occurs in people whose feet become sweaty on wearing shoes. Some of the signs include itching, stinging and burning. one should wash their feet with soap and dry them thoroughly. Wear open footwear, change out of wet clothes and use anti-fungal dusting powder after bathing.


Infection that appears in the shape of a ring, ringworm affects areas like neck, feet and armpits. Wear clean, dry, loose clothes in breathable fabric. Do not scratch the affected area and use anti-fungal cream and powder for relief. Keep your feet clean and dry.

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Eczema or dermatitis sees a steep flare-up in the rainy season. Damp weather aggravates the condition. Lotion-based moisturisers are best for this season. Pure coconut oil provides instant relief. One should make sure to wear cotton clothes.

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