Liver cirrohsis; all you need to know

Liver cirrohsis is a chronic liver damage that is an end result of a variety of liver diseases characterised by fibrosis and architectural distortion of the liver with the formation of regenerative nodules.  It is the 12th leading cause of death in 2020.

The common causes of this disease is alcohol-induced liver damage (excessive alcohol consumption over a period of time leads to cirrhosis), and hepatitis B and C viral infections.About 25-30 per cent of the cases of cirrhosis would be due to alcohol. Similar would be the case for hepatitis B. But NASH or non-alcoholic fatty-liver induced cirrhosis is increasing ,earlier it was less than 20 per cent.

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The most common symptom is fatigue. Other symptoms are swelling in legs and body, vomiting blood and black stool.

Liver cirrhosis can be treated if diagnosed early. Both hepatitis B and C can be controlled or cured with medication. Abstinence from alcohol can also improve liver disease to some extent. Liver damage can be life-threatening and may require a transplant.

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