Different ways to decorate your home with plants

There are many ways to style one’s home, the freshest of them is to use plants to do some decor. But before we suggest you creative and quirky ways to up your home with plants, here’s sharing why should consider plants for your home.

Make space for the plant corner

All you need to do to create your own personalised plant corner is to first select the plants that you want to place. Next, find a good corner in your house, preferably one that gets enough light and you are good to go. The plants needn’t be the same kind and you can design them as and how you like before you place them all together.

Keep it near to your main couch

Couch is perfect the place to keep your next plant. Given that it’s the corner that you spend most of your time throughout the day, adding a plant only enriches the vibe of the place.

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Keep the kitchen green

To make sure that your kitchen has enough greens, you can set up a hanging herb garden on the wall.

Plant hangers

From your living room to your drawing room to even your bedroom, you can spruce up any place by just adding plant hangers. It can further be made prettier by using colourful hangers to beautify the place.

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