This is the secret behind Kajal Aggarwal’s heavenly beauty

Kajal Aggarwal is one of South Indian cinema’s most popular actresses and the natural beauty is always hitting the headlines. Whether it’s for her powerful performances, her chic style or her glowing skin. And today, we are going to share the 5 secrets behind Kajal’s heavenly beauty.

Honey facepack

Kajal has often credited her beauty to this magical face pack that her mother makes for her. It is a mixture of honey, lime juice and yogurt and the actress uses it to cleanse her face from time to time.

Korean skincare: Tips to get glowing skin


She uses mostly coconut-based products as according to her they provide her skin with maximum nourishment and hydration.

CTM routine

Kajal never misses her CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising) routine


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