Rhea reveals why she said ‘sorry babu’ at mortuary

Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty has finally broke the silence why she said ‘sorry babu’ when she saw the late actor’s body at the mortuary. The actress accepted that she said the words in tears. And she also explained why she said so.

“Yes, what else is someone supposed to say to someone who has lost their life? I am sorry you have lost your life. And today I am sorry that your death has been made a joke. I am sorry that your last memory is not going to b your good work, your intelligence or your charity. I am sorry that everyone has made a joke of your death and I am sorry that you lost your life.” said Rhea.

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Videos and photos of the actress leaving the Cooper Hospital’s mortuary went viral, Sushant’s family, fans and media questioned the actress and asked as to how she got entry into the place where the late actor’s mortal remains were kept.

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