How to straighten your beard at home

Men loves flaunting unique and different styles of beard whenever they step out. Some prefer a grown-up beard while some opt for a subtle french beard. But, no matter what shape and size the beard is in, it is always essential to take care of it, just like your skin and hair. Those who have a curly beard and want to straighten it at home without much of a hustle. Then you are in the right place.

Want thick beard? DIY beard butter at home

Beard wax or balm

Wash your beard to soften using a good shampoo and condition it properly. Half dry your beard by pat drying it with a towel. Brush your beard hair downwards. Apply some beard oil to provide the desired moisture. Blow-dry your beard hair on a low heat and as a final touch, apply wax or balm to keep the beard straight.

Use hair straightener

Caution: Make sure you have long beard hair else you might face burn.

Wash, condition, and pat dry your beard hair. Blow-dry and comb your hair straight until they are dry. Set your straightener to low heat. Just follow the step of repetition as you follow for your hair. Once the beard is completely straight apply a beard wax or balm.


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