How over use of smartphones affect your health

Smart phone is an incredible invention in the field of technology. It has become a part of our day to day life.”excess of everything is bad.” Read on to know how the overuse of cell phones can affect your health, both physical and mental.

Bad for eyes 

Continuous exposure to the harmful light of the mobile screen can irritate the eyes. Research suggests that excessive use of the smartphone can damage the eyes and cause a variety of complications.

Neck and back pain

People get so obsessed with the cell phones that they spend hours sitting in inappropriate postures that could lead to severe neck and back pain.


As per the National Cancer Institute (US government), cell phones emit radio frequency radiation (a form of non-ionizing radiation) from their antennas. These radio waves could be absorbed by the body part that gets exposed to the phone. However, the extent of the damage it can do hasn’t been ascertained yet.

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Restricts time for family, causes anxiety/depression

By overusing cell phones, people unknowingly distance themselves from their loved ones. Since such people’s lives revolve around their cell phone, they end up having no one around them when they need someone the most. And this leads to loneliness which subsequently ends up transforming into anxiety or depression. Thus, people do more harm than good for their mental health.

Poor sleep pattern

Some people who spend most of their time on the internet or social media get so addicted to it that that they do not sleep when their body asks for rest. They keep pushing their sleep schedule so much that they deprive their body of good quality uninterrupted sleep.

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