Ever heard of Ice facial; benefits for glossy skin

Most of the skin problems we face has solutions at our home itself. Ice perform the task of magic. By rubbing it on your face, not only can you feel fresh, but it can also make your skin shiny. If you want your face to look smooth, then you should definitely try ice facials.

Brighten your skin
Rubbing ice pieces on your face tightens blood vessels, which initially slows down blood flow in this area. However, soon your body will start circulating more blood on your face to balance the level. This is what makes your skin bright and glowing.

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Reduce dark circles
Apply ice on the affected area. To get rid of dark circles, you need to boil rose water and add cucumber juice to it. Now, rub snowflakes over the affected area and then apply the mixture. Repeat this slowly every day. You will get relief from dark circles.


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