Suffering from Insomnia? tips to get good sleep

Insomnia is a sleep disorder you’ll feel trouble falling or staying asleep. It can be both acute and chronic  depending on how long the condition lasts. You can treat insomnia the natural way by following some simple tips.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption as the effect of drinking them can last for several hours and may interrupt your sleeping patterns. Drinking caffeine in large amounts in the late afternoon or evening is worse.

Increase  light exposure during the day time  to keep your circadian rhythm healthy. Circadian rhythm is the body’s natural time-keeping clock, which affects the brain, body and hormones. Daytime bright light exposure improved sleep quality.

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Control stress levels to induce sleep. You can choose a relaxation therapy or stress reduction therapies like meditation, yoga to relax the mind and body which, in turn, will help improves good night’s sleep.

Exercise regularly to get  good sleep

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