Know what kind of wife would you be based on your zodiac sign

Do you want to know what type of wife would you be? Well, it might be difficult to find out how everyone will be in future, but still, it’s possible to predict to a certain extent because of the astrology. As we know each person is different from each other with different qualities and personality traits, astrology can give us the answer based on our traits.


Adventurous, loving, empathetic as an Aries wife. They cannot tolerate fake things and have realistic expectations from their husbands. They are enthusiastic and born-leaders with a bit of stubbornness. But they are a very supportive partner.


Taurus wife will put lot of efforts to make their home nice, cosy and comfortable. They are highly loyal and trustworthy partners who are stubborn.

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Gemini wife are passionate, unstoppable and classy. They lose interest in anything very quickly, hence they need new things every time to not get bored. They are a bit fickle-minded and love to have deep and interesting conversations with their husband.


They are highly devoted to their husbands and love them unconditionally. They know exactly what others need and how to provide it to them. They are lovely and  will support and prioritise their spouse always.


Leo women are the powerhouse of energy and quite emotional. Their husbands need to keep them happy for a healthy married life. Leo wives want compliments for everything and to stay perfect. At a certain point, you might find them dominating

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They are perfectionists and hope for the same from their husbands. They have a perfect balance in practicality and emotions and know how to run a family smoothly. They are optimistic with good vibes and a great sense of humour. As a partner, they are highly reliable, loving and loyal.


Libra wives need charm, romance and harmony in the married life. They want their husband to be equally emotional to the bonding. They like to do crazy things with their husbands to keep them entertained.


A Scorpion wife is passionate, thrilling and has a very tender heart. Life is full of enthusiasm with them. They want emotional security from their husbands.


They are free-spirited. They love their freedom and want to keep everything interesting and entertaining. They are supportive, friendly and generous wives who want their husbands to be open-minded.


They are multitaskers, funny, enthusiastic, energetic, hardworking and independent. They can stay really calm and patient during a hard time. They are great homemakers.

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Aquarius wives become the best friends of their spouses. They are adventurous, independent, smart who don’t like to do monotonous things. They also like to take a great interest in their husband’s favourite things.


Piscean women are loyal, trustworthy, intelligent and romantic. They are highly devoted to their husbands and can be a bit shy sometimes, which attracts others the most about them. But they often experience mood swings.

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