Why social media security important

Social media security is the process of examining active social media data  to safeguard against security and threats.

Like every industry has their own unique risks and same is the case with social media too, whether it is blocking targeted hacking attacks, protecting corporate accounts from compromise, fighting fraud or defending against social engineering scams like impersonating accounts. Social media security is crucial for every contemporary business or a private success.

Social networking  is susceptible to exploitation. The benefit of making a legitimate and fraudulent social media account make the medium prone to fraud,abuse and bullying. With identical speed and vigour, the hackers and scammers are joining social media and leveraging social media to spread malware and cyber attacks.  They begin mimicking individuals and types to trick followers and company employees spreading misinformation or revealing corporate sensitive data and private data.

Is over-sharing on social media be dangerous?

Privacy Protection Tips

i. Use strong passwords with Capitals, Numbers and Special Characters.
ii. Use separate emails and passwords for banking, social and personal accounts
iii. Don’t use social media on public devices and  make sure you log out after you use it.
iv. Disable access to Geolocation (GPS) feature for your social media platforms.
v. Be cautious about clicking shorts links from friends in social media
vi. Use two-factor authentication for all Social Profiles.
vii. Keep personal information to a minimum, even on your private social profiles.

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