Is over-sharing on social media be dangerous?

Social media  has an addictive nature,many feels that we lost the ability to distinguish what it’s appropriate to post in public and what we should keep personal? The addictive nature of social media, and a tendency to assume that absolute frankness always benefits our mental health, is leading some people to make startling confessions about their lives online.

Posts on social media platforms. like they have gone two weeks without alcohol, three months without drugs, a year without self-harming or attempting suicide, for example.

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These confidences attract a lot of attention, including huge numbers of likes and shares. It’s hard to react otherwise, but by communicating our encouragement, usually to complete strangers who have serious vulnerabilities, are we really being kind, or do we risk causing more damage in the longer term

Their own feelings about themselves will become connected to the recognition that they receive from social media handles. And it’s not difficult to imagine how this could be a dangerous trend for people with weak mental health.

It is not necessary to post everything that happens in our life. There are certain things which we keep to ourselves. Personal space should not be over exposed.

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