Zodiac signs who don’t express their emotions

Expression is key to a healthy romance and everyone don’t excels in. While some have the natural abilities to  communicate their feelings, others just can’t handle confrontations and stall the conversation. Here are some of the zodiac signs who love beating around the bushes rather than expressing directly.

Zodiac signs who wait for their exes to return to them


This zodiac signs are emotional souls but they are extremely private about feelings. It’s because of their insecure nature or their fear of rejection. But with the right helping hand, they’ll surely be great in the relationships they step into.


They are very stern but they have a soft side to them. Even if have a lot to express, they just hold back due to the fear of exposing their vulnerability. So all they need is a touch of care and affection that might just open them up.

Zodiac signs who lie the most in a relationship


For them emotions are irrational. They are very guarded about expressing their  feelings but that’s because they feel that their feelings and expressions might come in their way of success.

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