Do skin whitening products work ? Know what Dermatologists says

Skin whitening is a flourishing  business in India, and been increasing  over years. You can find an array of products and supplements promising visible and long-lasting fairness. But is this promise justified? Can we change the colour given by our genes simply by applying a cream or taking some shots.

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Our skin colour is determined by our genes. The genes decide the amount of melanin produced by the skin. But some external factors may affect melanin production to some extent. These are UV rays, age and hormones. We all know that UV exposure  produce more melanin which can present as tanning or sometimes as irregular pigmentation. Pigmentation may also be the first sign of ageing of our skin.

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But these factors are partly under our control. We may be able to reduce or control tanning or irregular skin tone by using a sunscreen regularly and eating a diet rich in antioxidants. The healthy lifestyle may be coupled with a good skincare routine. This strictly is not skin whitening; it gives the skin its natural tone and texture and a healthy appearance.

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Glutathione injections are hugely popular. These are loosely sold as whitening shots. Glutathione along with Vitamin C gives the body a bonus supply of fantastic antioxidants which can take the tan away and give a healthy glow to the skin. This is mistakenly sold (often deliberately) as skin whitening agents. Dermatologist says  skin whitening is not possible and should not be aspirational. What is achievable is a healthy glowing skin which has an even tone and good texture. It is vital to follow a healthy lifestyle with a good skincare routine. Glutathione tablets or shots can only be a bonus to it.


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