Zodiac signs known for their mood-swings in a relationship

In a relationship, there’s no escaping from mood-swings and emotional imbalances. It is all natural and understandable, there are times when it gets a bit out of hand and may lead to drastic repercussions . To avoid that, it is important that one analyses their behavior before going overboard. These  zodiac signs who are likely to be extremely moody with their partners.

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This zodiac signs are extremely impulsive personalities, who are all about the chase and live a fast paced life.  Slow and steady turns them off immediately and they become restless and moody.  Aries love doing things their way and possessing control of life around them. So if they ever feel that the tables have turned and their partners have taken over the reins, they might just get annoyed and face some emotional hurdles.


This zodiac signs are usually on an emotional rollercoaster ride. They might seem strong and level-headed but it is only because they suppress a lot of their feelings and emotions. But when things get out of hand and they cannot subdue their emotions anymore, This zodiac signs becomes the most vulnerable and moody at the same time. And all of those gush of sentiments are directed to their partners.

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Gemini can be good to people and also are one of the most mischievous people. That being said, Geminis usually has personalities that comes out when they are surprisingly confused or tormented by something happening in their lives. A low situation in their relationship or a rough patch between them and their partners, anything and everything can lead to such moodiness for this zodiac sign.


They are very sentimental and sensitive. They are usually very friendly but small things can affect their mood and emotions. But one thing that’s good about a Piscean is that they don’t linger on to those emotions.

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