Amazing health benefits of Bitter gourd

Only few people like to eat bitter gourd but it is full of medicinal properties hidden in its bitterness. Here are some benefits of eating bitter gourd or drinking bitter gourd juice. Diabetic patients whose blood sugar level is not controlled by medicine, bitter gourd juice is a magic potion.

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Bitter gourd has the contents which reduce excess body fat. It activates insulin in the body, which the sugar produced in the body does not take the form of fat. If you eat it directly or drink it in juice form, it can have big benefits to your body.

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Beta carotene in the bitter gourd is considered good for the eyes. The person working on the TV screen should take bitter gourd or drink juice twice a week. Children must also eat bitter gourd as it will bolster both their memory and eyes. Bitter gourd juice also helps to look younger.

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