Habits which makes our skin ages faster

Our habits reflects on health of our skin. Diet, lifestyle, and sleep are important for the health of the skin, a proper skincare routine ensures that we regularly clean topical dirt and grime from the skin. And a good skincare routine is like adhering to the phrase – “prevention is better than cure.”  Here are some habits can make you age faster than you expected.

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Sleeping in wrong way

If you sleep with your face on your pillow, it can actually cause ageing quickly. One shouldn’t rub your face aggressively doing skincare but then, your skin has collagen and elastin bounces back when you press on it. When your face is smashed into the pillow, it doesn’t allow the elastin or the collagen to bounce back and this can cause ageing. Try to be a back sleeper.

Insufficient sleep

Another habit that is ageing your skin is insufficient sleep. Sleep affects the functioning of your brain and is good for mental health and your hormones. During sleep body rejuvenates. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, your collage and elastin won’t be able to repair in time, thus causing ageing.

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Many do not apply sunscreen. Even if  you’re indoors, you still need to apply sunscreen. You can use a physical or chemical sunscreen, depending on your preference.


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