Food items which speed up ageing

You are what you eat, we all know that. What ever we eat that reflects in our body, Sugar, wine, unhealthy fats, energy drinks, baked goods, and even coffee will destroy important proteins and dehydrate us, and you will be surprised to know that our skin would be the first to suffer and reflects in it.

White bread

White bread speed up ageing.  Food with a high glycemic content like white bread, can cause inflammation in the body, which boost ageing process. Go for sprouted grain breads that contain no added sugar instead of white bread .


Sugar-laden diet is responsible for obesity, weight gain, and harming your health in general. When you eat too much sweet, it starts a process called glycation which damages your skin’s collagen and wrinkles will start appearing .So replace usage of sugar with honey, jaggery, or fruits.


Caffeine has a long-term impact on your health. Daily caffeine consumption brings many health-related risks. It can also boost up the ageing process. When you drink items that are high in caffeine, it will affect your sleep cycle and it is directly linked to signs of ageing .


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