Lesser known health benefits of Paneer

Paneer is a super star ingredient and is used in a variety of dishes. It  goes with every and any dish and can be eaten in many ways. It is like a luxury food which is delicious and can elevate any dish. It can be being doused in the curry to being eaten as finger food. It is also beneficial for health. It is rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids. It is loaded with calcium and nutrients and other benefits are

Boosts Immunity

Paneer contains nutrients and minerals, which helps to boost immunity and helps in keeping the body fit and healthy. A stronger immunity helps in preventing diseases and illnesses.

 Heart health

It is rich in vitamin B12 which helps in regulating fluid balance and in prevents heart diseases. It is also low in fat and good for the heart health.

Digestive System

Paneer helps treat an upset stomach. It is extremely light on the stomach and prevents constipation and digestive problems.

Strong Bones

Paneer is very good for the bone health and for bone-related problems like osteoporosis.

Prevents Anaemia

Anaemic people  experience fatigue and weakness. Eating Paneer regularly helps in promoting red blood cells which prevent anaemia.

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