Tips to make your home cosy, warm and winter ready

It’s mid-November and winter has arrived. During such times, you want to be cozy a warm and cosy room with a hot beverage and binge-watch a new series. There are many tips and tricks to make your house winter-ready. Whether it is adding a rug or incorporating warm colours in your home decor, making your home a winter ready without burning a hole in your pocket is easy.

How to give a makeover for your bedroom; creative ideas


Add many throw pillows in the softest blanket possible and make your bed ready for the winters.

Warm lighting

Use warm, yellow tinted lamps to make your room look cosy with a quiet, laidback vibe.


Nothing screams cosy like a vintage rug. Add a rug in your living room and indulge in the old world charm to make your room look warm and complete.

Furniture items you must have for your new home

Wooden furniture

Wood gives a warm, welcoming touch to your home. Add wooden furniture items like a table or a hardwood floor.

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