How to give a makeover for your bedroom; creative ideas

Bedroom is a space were we relax, So everyone like calm soothing ambiance in bed room. But everyone likes a makeover.  Here are some simple bedroom decorating ideas can be tackled in just a day or two.

Mix contrasting colors.

Opposite colors like blue and yellow/orange play well together. Blue makes the room feel calm and serene while yellow offers a pop of cheeriness.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors makes room look bigger by reflecting light. A mirror as a headboard or even leaning up against the wall will help a small room feel spacious.

Paint the ceiling

Painting a warm shade of gray leave bedding light and bright to keep the space from seeming cave-like.

Different ways to decorate your home with plants

Rearrange furnitures.
Throw out the old rules and find an  suitable arrangement that works for you, something you like. The best part? It’s totally free!
Hang a  canopy
Hanging a canopy is the easiest way to achieve one part glamorous and one part bohemian.

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