Health tips to be healthy during winter

Winter season has arrived ,it also brings along illnesses and diseases. A change of seasons affects health in several ways, and therefore, one must build a robust immune system to adapt themselves well. Winter has arrived and  by December, people throughout the country will feel the chillness in the air. But there are ways to keep yourself warm during winters and prevent illnesses. Here are some health tips to beat cold weather.

Tips to make your home cosy, warm and winter ready

Eat food items that will keep you warm from the inside

Nuts like almonds and walnuts, oils like sesame and mustard, seeds such as sesame seeds and flax seeds, honey, turmeric, jaggery, ginger, garlic, tulsi, neem, ashwagandha etc makes you warm from the inside. The medicinal properties in these foods will help you against diseases and illnesses, causing germs and also boost your metabolism. Foods items that take long hours to get digested, helps to keep you warm.

Keep your hands clean

Germs enter our body when we touch our eyes, nose and mouth with infected hands after coming in contact with touched surfaces. So, do not touch your face without washing your hands. Use warm water and soap to wash your hands. If no water, use an alcohol-based sanitiser.

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Cover ears, neck and chest

Always cover your ears, neck and chest during cold weather condition to prevent illnesses and infection. Cover these areas with woollens or winter clothes that will keep you warm. Do not expose these areas to the cold air.


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