3 most nutritious vegetables in the world

Vegetables are very good for health it is a known fact. Having vegetables enhances the taste of food, eating vegetable is also beneficial for the body. Some vegetables are less beneficial for the body. While having some vegetables makes the body healthy and strong. Here are three such vegetables that make the body strong .And by eating them, the body is always healthy

The 3 most nutritious vegetables in the world

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Bitter gourd feels bitter but it is very good for the body. Blood purifies by eating bitter gourd . And the risk of heart attack will be reduced, besides the consumption of bitter gourd is also beneficial for patients with diabetes.

Radish is a boon for our health. Eating radish in winter gives the body a lot of energy and strength. It also reduces the risk of serious disease like cancer. So , radish must be consumed as a vegetable or salad.

Beans have rich amount of iron and vitamins those strengthen bones, it remove many serious diseases of the body. It  also makes the body strong

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