Homemade facial toner for the beautiful smooth skin

When it comes to skincare, toning is one part that you should never skip. Toning is an important part of a healthy skincare routine. In fact, it is part of the three steps needed to obtain the perfect, glowing skin you always desired. A good toner always helps to maintain the pH levels of your skin, minimize the appearance of your pores, remove excess oil, soothe redness and irritation and give you a glowing skin.

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How to prepare toner

Aloevera and rose water, both work wonders for the skin, here’s how to prepare a skin toner using both these incredible ingredients.

Take an aloevera leaf and extract the gel in a bowl. Take fresh rose petals and blend with water to make a fine paste. Now, add the gel to the rose water and blend again. Add some essential oils to the mixture. Mix well and bring it to a liquid consistency like a toner. Here is a toner that will not only ward off dryness but give you the best skin.


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