Google tricks you don’t know

Many of us use Google to know about anything. But if you are asked how many tricks of Google you know, you will hardly be able to answer this. Here are some of the tricks of Google, which very few people know.

Barrel roll

If you type Barrel Roll on Google, you will see many links. Open the first of these links. Screen will rotate 360 ​​degrees. If you write 10 in front of Barrel Roll, the screen will rotate 10 times.


If you type Festivus on google you will see an aluminum pole on the left side of your screen. Which is not usually seen.

Never make these mistakes while charging your mobile

Zerg rush

If you type Zerg Rush, you will see many links. Open the first links. Here on your screen rings of many colors will simultaneously fall from top to bottom and gradually whatever is written on your screen will be deleted.

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