Never make these mistakes while charging your mobile

Smartphone is the gadget we use the most.  Excessive use drains the battery of the mobile and requires charging. But during charging, we make some mistakes , which makes great damage to the mobile battery. So today we are going to tell you about the errors that people make while charging the device.

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Frequent charging

Repeated charging of mobiles puts pressure on the battery. only charge it if battery is  20 percent or less .This will not put pressure on the battery and the battery will not be damaged.

Using third party app for fast charging

Many  use third party app for mobile fast charging. But this should not be done, as these apps are constantly active in the background, which costs the battery and also , there is a risk of data leaking. So do not forget to use these third party apps.

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Charging the phone with another charger

Sometimes people charge their phone using another charger. This increases the chances of battery malfunction. So always remember to charge your mobile only with the charger that comes with it.

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