Never search these things in Google

Today  almost everyone use Google to search for anything. If you also search on Google, then this information is for you. Because today we will give you information about some such things here, which you can get into trouble by searching. You may even have to go to jail. Let’s know which things we should not search on Google.

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Bomb making method

Never search the bomb-making method or anything related to it. By doing this you may have to go to jail. If you search this type of thing on Google, the company will send your IP address to the direct security agencies and they can take action against you.


If you have bad health you want to find out which disease you are infected with on the basis of symptoms through Google. And search for medicines on Google to recover from that disease, do not do so. Consuming wrong medicines can make your health worse. So go to the doctor immediately.

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Do not search personal email on Google

Avoid searching your personal email login on Google, because of this there is a problem of your account being hacked and password leaked.


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