Know How To Free Hard Disk Space on Windows

Most of us use Windows PC these days that has a minimum of 1TB HDD on the device they are using it on.  Laptop or a PC a large number of users are with a 1TB HDD and even though this may sound like a lot of space it easily gets filled with time. From heavy games to documents a lot of things take up space on your HDD and this often makes your computer performance slow.

Most of the users prefer deleting or moving the unnecessary data that’s stored on our device there comes a time when nothing is left to delete. During such times users can make use of the tools that come with Windows to free space on their hard disk.

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1. Use the Disk Cleanup tool to free up space on your Windows PC

Click on the Search Bar in your Start Menu and type “Disk Cleanup”. Run the program and select the drive  you want to free up space. Clicking the Ok button will show the Files to Delete menu. Then select the files you want to delete. Click on the Ok button and Disk Cleanup will delete files from your selected files.

2. Uninstall the Apps which you don’t use

Click on  Settings menu, click on the “Apps” section and select “Apps and Features” to bring up the list of the Apps which are installed on your PC.

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3. Make use of Cloud Storage Services

4. Move your files to an External Storage Drive

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