Tips to pamper your skin

We have welcomed a fresh new year, make a resolution this year to give your skin that extra care that it deserves. Simply follow these tips to bring out the natural beauty in you.

Sleep well 

Sleep like a panda, your body needs enough rest . When you sleep, some hormones go up in your blood, to relax your mind and soul. It also helps to reduce dark circles by giving you fresh and glowing skin for the next day. One must sleep for 7-9 hours everyday to attain the desired skin.

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Healthy Food

You are  what you eat, whatever you consume has does impact on your appearance. Eating  healthy food must be your one and only goal to attain a healthy skin. Junk foods leads to constipation which in turn causes toxins and pimples on your skin. So replace your junk to leafy greens, fruits and vegetables that are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients.

 Skincare routine

To get flawless skin you need to make little efforts to fulfill your desires. Pampering your skin is the next step to attain a healthy skin. Go for some home remedies to pamper your skin. You can use natural ingredients from your kitchen which works like wonders for your skin.


Drinking enough water is very essential to attain a healthy and glowing skin. Water helps to remove the toxins from the body keeping you clean from inside. When you start drinking more water, your wrinkles will get away by living you skin clean and clear.

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