Kangana Ranaut brutally trolled for saying people are jealous of her

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is always gutsy about voicing her opinions and speaking what comes to her mind. On her Twitter handle, the actress often shares her views about current topics and social issues. Her fans also gives  straightforward and blunt reaction to it. But her latest tweet on her “ability to debate” didn’t go down well with netizens and many brutally  trolled the actress for calling people “jealous and angry”.

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On Tuesday afternoon, the actress tweeted, “Lot of people are jealous of my ability to debate on almost any topic how I peel psychological layers of my opponents and penetrate like X ray in to any subject. Don’t be jealous or angry try and sharpen your intellect and really truly invest yourself in your surroundings.”

For that tweet, Queen actress got brutally trolled and it started a meme-fest on the micro-blogging site. A troll commented, “That’s the problem with STUPID people, they think they know everything.” Another troll shared a meme and wrote, “Joke of the 2021…ability to debate.. like. seriously.”

Recently she also shared her views on Kamal Haasan’s idea of recognising housework as a salaried profession.

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