Do you grow nails? then beware of these health risks

Most of the girls  prefer to grow their nails long. If you also like to grow nails, then you may not know that doing so is like taking risks with health. Know, how health of the nails cause damage to overall health.

1. Chances of long nails to get dirty is more and can cause bacteria, resulting in serious infection. Then it is different that hiding behind nail paint reduces your attention on dirt.

2. Long nails can potentially cause infections like pinworms.

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3. Many studies says that bacteria found in the nails cause diarrhea and vomiting in children.

4. If children have long nails, they may get hurt while trying to scratch themselves.

5. Mothers of young children should also pay special attention to their nails, they will have to handle the child more, so the child gets hurt by the mother’s long nails.

6. To maintain hygiene of nails, nails should also be washed properly while washing hands.

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