‘A 15-year-old girl can reproduce, why increase marriage age’, asks former minister

Congress leader and former minister Sajjan Singh Verma has asked why should the age of girls to get married to be increased when girls can produce at the age of 15 years as well.

“Doctors say that even a 15-years-old girl can reproduce, then what is the need to increase the marriage age of girls to 21 years? Has Shivraj become a bigger doctor”. Verma said.

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Verma was reacting to a statement made by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday.

Reacting to Verma”s comment, Madhya Pradesh BJP”s media panelist Neha Bagga said the MLA had insulted daughters of India.

“Did he forget that his party”s president is a woman? Priyanka Gandhi is also a woman? I urge Sonia Gandhi to direct Verma to apologise in public and sack him from the party,” PTI quoted her comment.


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